A static Wolf and Red Riding Hood for Halloween.

Step 1: Sub Structure.

I started with a skeleton made out of PVC pipe and trim board heated and bent into the shapes needed. These are glued and screwed together with a PVC pipe support structure inside

Step 2: Flesh It Out With Foam.

Extruded foam is then glued over and around the skeleton and spray foam is used to fill in where needed.

Step 3: Carve and Add Detail.

I carve the foam with a hot wire cutter and sculpt it with a soldering iron and files.

Step 4: Weather Proof and Add Texture.

The whole piece is coated with drylok and cheese cloth to smooth out and add back texture to simulate skin and tissue.

Step 5: Painting.

Then I paint all the different areas before giving it a wash of stain to add detail and depth.

Step 6: Final Step.

Final step is to add fake fur to the wolf and place it in the yard.

Step 7:

<p>Whoa, this is so impressive! I love it! :)</p>
<p>Thank you. That makes the effort all the worth while.</p>
<p>I just really enjoyed seeing this! </p><p>It looks exactly like things I've done: a big old monstrosity of a creation in progress taking up space in the garage, being made on a makeshift table that's really an old door, walls lined with shelves full of paint and stuff, etc.</p><p>And in the end you've created some neat thing that impresses anyone that sees it. It's just so much fun!</p><p>The only problem is finding a place to store it after Halloween... ;)</p><p>Great stuff. I really hope you'll share all of your projects here.</p>
<p>Waw! Excelllent work! Cool! I just voted for you! </p>
<p>This looks amazing, great work! Kudos to you Sir!</p>

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