Zombie Wound





Introduction: Zombie Wound

Everyone loves a good zombie wound! (Right?) So I have brought to you just that

Step 1: What You Need

1. Skin color polymer clay
2. Reddish paint
3. Eyeshadow pallet
4. Concealer

Step 2: The Bruise

To start the bruise your gonna want to take a concealer and put it on the spot you want your wound to be.Light purple almost tan then you want to take a dark purple and speed it over the first purple.then add navy an blotches of black. Blend. Look to the picture for reference.

Step 3: The Skin

Take some polymer clay and roll into thin pieces. Lay it down on the sides of the bruise.

Step 4: Blood

Take your reddish paint. I would personally useable small brush to do this. Out the paint under the skin. Them add son paint in the creases on the outside of the skin.



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    Ack! That looks like a nasty zombie bite. You'd better get that checked out! :)