Zombie Your Ride





Introduction: Zombie Your Ride

Zombies beware: This instructable will teach you to zombie up your ride.


Vehicle (Duh)

Spray Rubber White, Red and Black(plastidip or flexidip)

cotton swabs

Plastic school folder

Exacto knife

Nitrile or latex gloves

Painter tape


Poster board

Printer and paper


Note: A well ventilated space and a breather mask is recommended when using this much rubber spray. this stuff can be tough if you breath it in.

Step 1: Create a Stencil

Find you a good image online to use as your base. I recommend finding a black and white image with good negative features. I printed mine on a single 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.

Trim your plastic folder to make a single flat piece. (I looked through the school folders to find a thick one)

Cut out the sections of your stencil and Trace it onto your plastic sheet.

Trim out the sections of your Plastic sheet to create a re-useable stencil.

Step 2: Get to Sprayin'

Center the stencil on the door and tape down the edges.

Cut a square in your poster board just smaller than your stencil

Tape down edges of the poster board

Place magnets along the edges of the stencil to avoid under spray

Apply a generous coat of spray over stencil

Use cotton swabs to remove accent areas, for finer details I cut the swab in half and use the stick.

Remove the magnets and poster board

Remove the tape and gently lift the stencil

The stencil must be removed while the spray is still wet. otherwise, the stencil will stick and pull up the rubber.

Repeat these steps for the other door and the center of the hood.

Note: If you try to remove the stencil before the magnets it will make a mess and you will have to use the removal technique mentioned later in the instructable. Then start over.

Also, to touch up areas you can coat a cotton swab and brush some spray back on.

Step 3: The Grill

The Grill is a little more difficult.

I removed my grill to make it easier to handle (takes about 10 minutes on a late model wrangler).

Although rubber spray doesn't affect metal with clear coat, the plastic grill doesn't do as well.

I coated the grill in a heavy white coat first. This keeps the red from bleeding into the grill.

After the white has dried, 45-60 minutes, out on one of the nitrile gloves.

Coat the palm of the glove in red spray and smear along the grill, leaving random hand prints

Repeat with other hand.

Step 4: The Hood

After you replace the grill, you can move on to the hood.

This time instead of smearing the spray, coat the glove palm and leave random prints along the hood. Drag a few of the prints down, to give the hit effect.

Repeat with other hand.

You can always add more later if you don't get enough at first.

Once the spray dries overnight it will hold up to rain and carwashes.

I apply mine at the first of October and it last the whole month.

Note: Removal

To remove tape off the image for over spray and apply two or three heavy coats across the image.

let dry for 20-30 minutes, peel up up one of the edges.

Slowly remove the rubber along with the original image stuck to it.

Sometimes you made need bug and tar remover to help release the rubber (armorall wipes work as well)



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    I have an 08 Subaru Impreza that is silver. The only thing I'm scared of is the bleed/ooze into the paint.

    as long as its on metal and not plastic, I would feel safe. I have done tons of metal without issue.

    Love the Jeep man. It inspired me for mine.


    That's awesome...It's that time of year again, I am about to re-Zombie mine.

    This is pretty cool! I'm not sure how it would look on my cheapo dihatsu charade, though, if I hit a sparrow It'd be written off, never mind a zombie!

    What could possibly go wrong?

    if you have plastic or fiberglass parts the colored plastidips can "ooze" into the pores of the material. This can give the material a stained look. I have had it happen on a couple of vehicles, but it was temporary, after about a month it had worked itself out and was back to normal.

    Great idea, is it legal to drive outside with this, I mean... I hope the police don't think you ran over a lot of people and left blood stains on your car!!!

    love this instructable

    Thank you...this is my summer look....will be going back to zombies in august.