First thing's first, although there are original elements here, this instructable is inspired greatly by ModMischief's incredible 5 star instructable Kidnapped Mermaid Costume and if you like this instructable at all then you should love her one! In fact if you're thinking about doing this project my advise would be to read through ModMischief's instructions first as they'll likely improve the general concept for you.

The costume is centered around the incredible illusion from the kidnapped mermaid costume but with a few subtle differences..... LIKE THE ZOMBIES!!!

Given some effort and time, this can be a really rewarding project and a great look for Halloween.

I'd really appreciate if you could vote for me in the contests I'm entering this into. For now I plan on entering it into the epic halloween costume and mad science fair contests.

Step 1: Materials/Tools

In no particular order:

  • Duct tape, and lots of it!
  • old news paper, again, you'll need quite a bit!
  • long coat
  • old back pack
  • bamboo canes
  • an old shirt
  • 2 matching t-shirts
  • gloves, big thick rubber gloves work well
  • jeans
  • fabric
  • liquid latex
  • jello
  • tights
  • sewing material
  • paint
  • face paint
  • steel wire
  • fake blood
  • balaclava or trapper hat

Those are the main bits, you could probably add, replace or completely remove items from this list, experiment and find what's right for you!
Good work, and nice instructable. <br>I'm glad to see you made folks aware of the safety issues. <br>I did stuff like this for fun and turned into my job. <br>Keep it up and make sure it stays fun.

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