This year's Halloween haunt was a bit too scary for some of the younger kids who went screaming from the house before even getting to the front door.  Perhaps I shouldn't have chased them in full makeup but I couldn't help myself.  All of the props along with the lighting and a little dry ice made a downright horrifying effect.

Nearly all of our props were homemade or adapted from dollar store finds with a few bigger ticket items thrown in that we got on the day-after-sale at the Halloween store last year.

Step 1: Brick Factory Wall

this brick wall was made with a large roll of corrugated cardboard that we purchased from a local packing/shipping company - 24"x 250' for about $40.  We also went to the local paint store for mis-mixed paint, which you can get for next to nothing.  We also shopped at the dollar store for bottles of acrylic paint, which allowed us to mix the colors we wanted.  The paint store also threw in two industrial metal paint buckets which we also used as props by creating a template for a nuclear symbol and spray painting it onto them.

Back to the brick - first we cut lengths of the corrugated cardboard that we would need to cover our walls & wall frame.  Then we rollered on grey paint, let it dry and taped it with painter's tape (also from the dollar store since we used about 6 rolls!) to get the mortar pattern for the bricks.  Then we rollered on the brownish-red color of the bricks.  It dries pretty quickly since it's on cardboard too.  Finally we mixed up some greenish brown and some black acrylic paints and distressed the bricks before removing the painter's tape.  When it's all dry, just peel up the painter's tape to reveal the brick pattern.

To hang, we simply used a staple gun and two people - you really need two people for that job!
This is awesome!
aaaaah the addiction of HAUNTING is even worse than the addiction of posting &quot;ibles&quot; We actually did a 2 night encore since halloween was on a wednesday this year and I'm just to tired to play with all the pics to post mine yet. I really like the creativity of the fan and boarded window with pipe and even your &quot;toxic&quot; drums. It's the attention to details that make a home haunt successful even if the patrons don't really see it, it adds to the over all feel. <br> We have been doing a home haunt for 17 years and this year were lucky to be able to take some of our long time fans for a &quot;back stage&quot; tour during slow periods (of course my actors got to reposition and scare them all over again) and explain how some of the props are made (very similar to what you've done) <br> Happy Haunting and remember... there's only 358 days until HALLOWEEN 2013
Thanks for your words of encouragement! My Dad did hauntings while I was growing up but this is only our second year doing them here with my husband. We loved people's surprise when they said &quot;oh, it's different this year!&quot; (last year was vampires). I agree that the 'devil is in the details' - literally in this case! They may not notice them (at least the 1st time through) but the overall effect is amazing. I am looking forward to seeing your pics. And if you know of a way to get decent video in the low lighting, I am all ears!
unfortunately I can't help with the lighting and video or even still pics ( I have hundreds of shots of fog) I've done several previous haunt &quot;ibles&quot; as well as cheap props if you check my profile, there are a lot of great props shared by other instructable haunters as well. There are also several home haunt pages on Facebook, <a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/155583248471/" rel="nofollow">https://www.facebook.com/groups/155583248471/</a> ,<a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/halloweenpropbuilders/" rel="nofollow">https://www.facebook.com/groups/halloweenpropbuilders/</a> ,<a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/youknowyoulovehalloweenif/" rel="nofollow">https://www.facebook.com/groups/youknowyoulovehalloweenif/</a> ,<br> &nbsp;My facebook page Correa Court Haunted House started out as the Haunt page but has become my personal page, my friends run the gambit from home haunters to commercial haunts, para-investigators to practicing witches
Great job! The detail is great considering most people will likely flee so quickly, they won't see it all!
alas, true. Many of them came back bringing their friends though - not for more candy! One little girl wanted her friend frightened and asked me &quot;did you eat the brains for her???&quot; (I had also made a jello brain that I slurped on for effect)
This looks like a supreme Halloween Photo Booth background. Great work, and excellent post.
Thank you so much! We actually haunted it as well.

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