Zombie Costume





Introduction: Zombie Costume

A fun and easy costume but gets a lot of looks and scares kids 

Step 1: Things You Need

2 shirts
a 5 gallon bucket
1 can of expansion foam
spray pant (I used white, blue, red and green)
some type of bottle 
a paper towel tube
(optional fake blood)  this makes the costume I think! 

Step 2:

put the first shirt on tuck it in an decide where you want your guts
Draw a line where you want them 

Step 3:

put the shirt on the bucket  make sure your lines are on the bucket
put the foam on in a zig zag manner to look like intestines  

Step 4:

put the bottle in the arm hole then fill with foam and the paper towel tube 
spay foam up and down leaving a little poking out to be the bone 
its kinda fun to make this part gross by messing with the foam before it sets up
to make it less spayed on!

Step 5:

after the foam drys spay paint it blue 
then go over the stuff in red not to much though you want the blue to show
depth ....after this a tiny bit of green to show rot 

Step 6:

after every thing is dry put the first shirt on tuck it in 
then put the second shirt over top 
rip the area in the gut area to show the intestines 

Step 7:

add fake blood this makes it all come together  
next ....do some zombie stuff with your face!



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    Halloween costume sorted thank you ?


    yep the arm is tucked and the foam adheres to the shirts great it will hold evrything on without any other glues

    so i guess ur arm is tucked in the 2nd shirt? So does the foam adhere to the shirt? like that's whats holding the "arm" in? thx looks awsome ill b doing this soon