October in Ontario means many great fruits and vegetables, and my new favourite is pears. They are so good on their own but I had been looking for a few recipes to try other things when I stumbled across this idea, just in time for Halloween.

Pears are the perfect shape for a skull. Smear some white chocolate on it and draw on some milk chocolate features and you've got a zombie head.

(I just started reading this blog and it's already a favourite. This is my first instructable, though.)

Step 1: Prepare Your Pear

You'll need a pear, of course. I used Bartletts and tried to get a variety of shapes and sizes. You want the pear to look like a skull but it looks more zombie-like if the pear is imperfect and has some bumps and bulges.

Remove the pear's stem and skewer the pear with a stick. I used dollar store wooden skewers. I got as close to all the way in as I could without going all the way through - the further in the stick the more support the pear will have.

Stick the pear-on-a-stick into something to hold it upright and steady. I used styrofoam from a box my TV came in that I was saving in case I move (I figure I can use the styrofoam even after - it'll just be a bit pierced). The pears do get heavy so make sure whatever you use can properly support the pears-on-a-stick.

It is a good idea.
I was wondering... what about making zumbie strawberie heads! Yeahhh, it's easier to eat, and could be a good treat for halloween! I'm abt to do that!
pears are the ABSOLUTE best fruit ever...they have the best flavor, you don't have to peal them, they're just great.....plus...the pear jelly belly jelly beans are the best!

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