Halloween costumes. Fun to wear, and fun to make. Zombie costumes are old, So do pirate costumes. So let's make a zombie pirate costume! It's very easy to make and it looks awesome!
And credits to TheCaptain for this tutorial
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Step 2: Preparing the knife the knife

First you have to cut the knife in two with a pair of sciccors.
Next you have to drill a very small hole in the knife (See picture). You can also make a hole with a knife if you don't have a drill

Step 5: When it all come together

Picture of When it all come together
Pirate hat3.png
Pirate hat2.png
First you have to put the knife trough the hole
Ysabeau3 years ago
I love this idea and I keep in mind, but I must say you that there is several things you can't make with duck tape as knitting, crochet or sewing.Sorry.
Simple yet stupid