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I made for may friend's Halloween party.

Step 1: Laser Engraving

This is a simple wood wine holder box. I had two days to make only.
I found some picture on internet, and I convert to vector format. (I had to hurry)

The video include the creating process.

Engraving time 1 hour.

Engraving metarial: wood

When I started the engrave, I fixed the origin point on the laser machine. I marked a rectangle (same size like the wood box) on the paper, it was the template. Next step I started the engraving. When it finished one side, I rotate the next side.

I hope you like it :)




MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-26

Woah I want to start drinking wine just to so I have an excuse to make this. I love the design you chose, it's perfect.

Thank you Geeky!

I recommend a Tokaji aszú for you. This is a very famous hungarian wine. :)

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