Picture of Zombie Weapon Modifications
Having the Ability to modify or fix a broken weapon is an important skill to have. It just might save your life in the coming Zombie apocalypse!

In this video, I'll be showing off a few mods I've made.

Step 1: The Machete:

Picture of The Machete:
The handle to my machete broke the first day I bought it. (it was only $4)
Instead of driving back to return it, i decided to fix it. I simply wrapped the handle in premium leather lacing using a simple overlapping pattern. Now it's Better than new!

Nice I actually have the same machete and mine broke first time I used it and the metal was very soft and prone to chip and break so I hardened mine with a easy backyard forge and some oil, though I have yet to use it in Zombie Warfare it works great against shrubs and vines. LOL

American Ruin (author)  Dakota Joel981 year ago

Right on. I'll have to harden mine in preparation for the Zombocalypse!

AJD421 year ago
Gunstock war club!!!!!!!!!!!!
American Ruin (author)  AJD421 year ago

This thing is a blast to throw at targets

pizzapie022 years ago
was that machete a coghlans? worst one I ever bought.
American Ruin (author)  pizzapie021 year ago

Harbor Freight

Blechmen2 years ago
Now You gotta try out some of my Watermelon Instructables with that watermelon ;)