Picture of Zombie's Zombie photoshop tutorial
About time I put this up.
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Step 1:

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First you will want to do some searching.  You will need 1 photo of a person (animals work also), 1 photo of a skull or even a prosthetic mask and a texture to lay over all the images.  Depending on the angle of your person's photo it might take awhile to find a skull that matches it.

Step 2:

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Open all images separately,  I usually use the face as my main background.  Apply the skull photo and resize to match the persons face.  After that with the skull layer selected either erase or use a vector mask to clean up the edges.  Use a soft brush so it blends in more with the photo of your face.

Step 3:

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Once your satisfied with the way the skull and your face look apply a layer of texture.  Now comes the artistic part!  Mess around with the settings.  I used a linear burn for the texture to give it a dark creepy looking effect.  I also desaturated both the skull and the face.

Step 4:

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farmerboyk2 years ago
Hmm..I found an older tutorial just like this...not saying you copied, but if you did is it against the rules to just go off of someone else's tutorial???
zombiecore (author)  farmerboyk2 years ago
If there is another tutorial like this I had no intentions of copying anyone's work. This is my own technique I have been using for years.