So hordes of the undead are attacking, you've got a stash of food, water, and cerebral destructive devices ( ball-bats , guns, and machetes)  now how do you keep the zombies and the looters out of your stronghold? A few quick "improvements" and your crib will be safe from thieves and brain-munchers.     

Step 1: Book by Its Cover

Securing all entry points may seem simple and obvious but it will take more than boards to deter most threats. You need to appear as if there is nothing of use to be found at your spot. Make it seem like looters have already stopped by, drag useless items like old clothes that dont fit, toys, and other random objects into the yard surrounding keep.
    Now is the time to really take one for the team and drag the tv out front then break it, break a couple of windows from the outside and wolla you have been looted. Dispatch a couple of walkers in the front yard and the looters wont think twice about stopping by.
Zombie survival haha as if i need it i can KILL 70% of people with my bare hands
this site will kill the zombie apocalypse before it starts

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