Zoob Shooter!





Introduction: Zoob Shooter!

The Zoob Shooter is a joint invention by my 6-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter.  It snaps together three Zoob pieces to make a toy that can shoot out a round-headed dart up to about 7.5 feet at a target.

Be careful to point away from people and fragile objects.

Basic Zoob pieces have different combinations of two kinds of ends, a ball end and a socket end, which you can combine to make all sorts of things.

  • Three Zoob pieces: two socket-and-ball and one double-ball (variations are possible--but it is crucial that two pieces have at least one socket and one have at least one ball)

Step 1: Select Three Pieces

Choose three pieces, ideally:
  • two ball-and-socket pieces
  • one double-ball piece
One of the ball and socket pieces will be the dart.

Step 2: Join Two Pieces

Join the double-ball piece with one of the ball-and-socket pieces by snapping the ball into the socket.

Step 3: Bend at the Joint

Bend it as far as you can along the joint to make a vee shape.

Step 4: Add Third Piece

Snap the last piece's socket onto the point of the vee to make a Y-shape.  This socket should be rotated 90 degrees from the socket already at the vee.

Step 5: Fire!

Spread the arms of the Y to fire.

Be careful to point away from people and fragile objects.



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Reminds me of the stuff I made from tinker toys when I was about 6 or 7. Such as bow and arrows using rubber band. Taking one of the longer sticks for an arrow, I sharpened one end with a pencil sharpener, and used scotch tape for fletching. Tinker toys and rubber bands were also good for making sling shots. I had a lot of fun shooting my homemade arrows and other stuff around the room. Alas, the adults in my family weren't so happy about my activities in this area.

These are safer.
My son is shooting Lego shafts from a rubber band powered sling bow, but I had him put a gear on the front end of it for safety. And he locks his door so no one comes into the line of fire.
I am thinking of making a sling bow for myself, though.

For your inspiration here's an idea I found on You tube from Joerg Sprave


He's got other way cool sling bows to check out.