Zoom Boom





Introduction: Zoom Boom

Problem: Sound boom operator had to interrupt video shots to monitor/adjust sound levels on the recorder in a fanny pack.

Solution: Mount Zoom H4n recorder on the boom for easy access.

Parts - Windtech MSA- 1 clamp on mic stand adapter ($10.95)
          - CM01 camera mic stand adapter ($6.95 amazon.com)
          - Zoom H4n

This is a follow-on to my mic blimp instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/Microphone-Blimp/). In that Instructable, I used a paint roller handle in construction of the blimp, so that I could use an extensible paint pole as my boom by screwing the pole into the handle. Note the use of the leather nail bag clipped into the belt, holding the base of the boom to lessen operator fatigue.



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    Think it would attach to the fullsized Rode Boom Pole?

    Yes. The bracket is meant to attach to a mic stand, but with a minor bit of bending it fit on the paint pole just fine.

    This is brilliant!Rated 4.5*!!!Well done!

    You're very kind to say so.

    Where did you spot this? I've been looking, but haven't seen it published.

    I was just scrolling through the website and this came up!
    Have a look at my ibles!
    Thanks and Welcome!