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Zucchini hash browns are a yummy low-carb, gluten free, vegan breakfast dish. They are really tasty & super easy to cook, so try them out a colorful alternative to the classic hash browns.

Step 1: Step 1

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   - olive oil
   - zucchini → shredded
   - garlic clove → minced
   - salt & pepper 
   - sour cream (optional)

Shred the zucchini & mince the garlic clove, then mix together in a bowl before frying.

Step 2: Step 2

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Pour some olive oil into a frying pan & fry the mixture on medium/high until the edges have browned. Add salt & pepper as desired.

Step 3: Step 3

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After they have finished frying, place hash browns onto a plate to be served, sour cream is an optional garnish. I've chosen scrambled eggs with oregano & grapefruit juice to accompany my zucchini hash browns. 


Renee! (author)2013-01-10

That looks tasty! I'm making this to use up my last zucchini, and for someone on a low- carb diet. What a simple, creative idea!

bajablue (author)2011-08-29

These look delicious! Do they get crispy like hash browns?

dvnlilly (author)bajablue2011-11-30

Not really. If you cook them longer they will brown around the edges, but for the most part they will get softer the longer you cook them. For more potato-like hash browns add a little flour to the zucchini before you fry them in the pan.

maryclare (author)dvnlilly2012-09-06


depotdevoid (author)2011-02-24

That sounds delicious! I'm always looking for a good recipe for zucchini, no matter how few plants I plant I always end up with too much. I'll be sure to try this out this summer!

dvnlilly (author)depotdevoid2011-02-24

Also another tasty zucchini breakfast dish is shredded zucchini in scrambled eggs. Mix it together uncooked & fry it in a little bit of butter or oil. They come out really soft & are on top of toast.

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