Zune Books





Introduction: Zune Books

How to view text documents, such as books, on your zune.

Step 1: The Problem.

I had a dilemma, I wanted to listen to music on my Zune whilst reading a book. I used to do this my PSP. (I know, both considered "rejects") So I came up with this solution and I decided to share it.

Step 2: The Program.

You're going to want to download this program: jpegbook

It's off a japanese/chinese site, but the program itself is in English.

Step 3: The Settings.

Once you've downloaded and extracted the program, run it.
Hit ctrl+O load your document.
Make sure to then select an output folder, it has to already exist since the program wont create it for you.
You'll want click on "Edit" then "Full con fig". In the "Output Image Size", select Custom and set the width/hight to 320 and 240 like so...

Step 4: The Solution.

Now you take that folder add it the Zune MediaPlayer, or whatever it's called.
sync it, and you're ready to go. Before you start reading, go to settings. In pictures make sure the "Transitions" is set to 30 seconds, in case the slideshow gets turned on. And that the backlight auto-off is set to a high number.



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    Thanks for the cool instructable. I'll def try this on mine :)

    but nobody likes the zune! :D

    Hell, i Love my zune. And i have a better program, Go to www.zuneboards.com and search for zbooker in the forum's hacks and mods section.

    I have loved my Zune since I got it!!!

    That comment even thought it is old. is as ignorant then as it is now. Have you asked everybody in the world? Or just your insignificant number of friends?

    one problem i had was the pages were outa order when i synced it.

    Half of you who replied saying the Zune sucks haven't even tried one out before. True, it's a different interface to get used to (most people are used to the ipod interface because that's all they have ever used before, and most people like to stick to what they know), the wireless feature may be somewhat limited, and it is a little bit bigger than the ipod. But really, it isn't all that different. It holds as many songs as a 30 gig ipod and cost the same amount. It plays videos and pictures (I've already ripped and converted some DVDs of mine to play on it and the quality is great, the bigger screen makes it easier to watch too) and you can apply custom backgrounds using pictures you put on it. It has a radio tuner as well, which I've used on a number of occasions, ipods don't even offer that. And finally, I don't understand why everyone is ripping on the wireless feature, some people may like it, and if you don't, just turn it off (you can by the way, its just in the settings. I have mine turned off, but turn it on occassionally to see if anyone near might be using a Zune, good conversation starter) Again, ipods don't even have such a feature. Oh and about the comments about the DRM encoding microsoft puts on the music you buy from their store, iTunes has a similar AAC encoding which makes the songs unplayable on any other ipod or computer, no different at all (not saying I support either company in doing this). LasVegas, I do understand what you're saying about accessory limitations, there isn't a lot of variety as far as Zunes go. However, they still have a lot of the same products (docks, speakers, etc) just not as much selection. I'm glad you actually shared your thoughts instead simply stating "Zune sucks!"

    I wasn't harping on the Zune, just trying to explain why it's not as popular as Microsoft thought it would be. AAC is not DRM. Actually AAC is an Open-source lossless compression scheme. Apple's DRM is applied to an AAC encoded file resulting in 'm4p' file. Don't confuse this with mp4, a video format. Microsoft's DRM format is a propriatary format and is even more limited than Apple's (Apple allows you to use purchased music in up to 6 computers and unlimited iPods.). Hopefully, DRM will be a thing of the past in the near future, when the music industry realizes that it only hurts sales.