Microsoft zune disassembly

Step 1: Tools

Small Phillips screw driver

Pry tool- I used slypry

Also use a little magnet to hold all small screws

And a magnetizer demagnetizer tool helps to mag your tools

Step 2: Remove Bottom Screws

With small pry tool pop out the plastic cover (on the bottom around the connector) hiding two screws

Step 3: Pop Open Case

After the two screws are out use pry tool around the seam. Once pop work around until fully separated

Step 4: Internal Screws and Connections

There are four screws that hold HDD to board and front cover

With pry tool pry up on the brown part of the connection with that up the strip should come free. Bend the cooper wire up so you can get HDD out Flip over HDD with pry tool pry up the black clip that holds its band

Small Phillips screwdriver

Step 5: HDD

Peel black sticker and pop out HDD

Step 6: More Screws

Remove screws to get cover off

And your done

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