Picture of  Zune desktop theme for windows!
Tired of the windows green and blue? Zune theme is for you! Without speed reducing!

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Step 1: Free Download the theme!

Picture of Free Download the theme!
Follow this link: Zune Desktop theme Download

1. Save it on desktop

2. Double click on.

3. follow directions.

4. You'r done!

Remember: This theme is a free official microsoft theme, and it don't reduce the speed of your computer!
bobert6105 years ago
 just a question but does this work for win7 probs not but just wondering

This should be on the forums
zitz6 years ago
I saw this on my uncle's computer and he would never download it
Owenmon6 years ago
This thing is sweet! 5*s
Been there done that installed it 2 years ago.
berky937 years ago
cool., but not an instructable
sure it is it has pictures instructions and spelling errors
no its more of an advertisement...sorta. its just a link to a download that does the entire thing for you.
yes I know. Did you not detect the sarcasm
JellyWoo6 years ago
andokomando7 years ago