The pouch that came with my Zune started to wear off. So I decided to make a pouch myself.
I also never liked, that there aren't icons on the regular pouch which would allow for easy operation of the player without taking it out.
I got my leather and lace from Michaels half a year ago. I always wanted to make one, but never got to it.
This is my first instructable, but I thought after reading this page for almost 3 years, it's really time to share and give something back.
Forgive me if I use words that are not completely appropriate for describing the process, tools or other things. I'm not a native english speaker, but I'll try to do my best.

Ok, another thing. I did put some explanatory boxes on the pictures. Unfortunately, they only show up in the preview where there is more than one picture per step. I hope it works out once it's published.

Step 1: ATTENTION, Use at Your Own Risk

This instructable includes using sharp tools, a hammer, branding "irons" in combination with a lighter. I'm not liable for any injuries you have by following this instructable.

In the process of creating the pouch and branding it, you can use a piece of wood to replace the mp3-player (in this case, a Zune).
I used the player itself, as I didn't have the proper piece of wood lying around.
If you use your player as pouch insert for sewing, nailing or branding, I'm not liable for any damage to your device.

The complete instructable is provided as is.
I hope it's complete (in my eyes it is) and it's safe enough to follow without causing any damage.

Use at your own risk!

Sorry, some more notes:
As you'll have to "punch" and widen all the holes for the seam one after another, this is a tedious and time consuming process. Plan on at least 3-5 hours for making the pouch, one night for drying it if stretching is needed and another 3-5 hours for the branding.
This is the minimum I recommend.
zune rock's I used to own a Ipod and really it's all the same! aside the apps and all the novelties they sell!
How much does a piece of leather big enough to fit that zune cost? (I'm not sure what currency you use.)<br />
Excuse me for not replying earlier, but I didn't check on my account for a while. I bought the leather at Michaels and as far as I remember, the one piece I picked up was less than $10. Then you need some thread too, but this was cheaper than the leather. From the leather, there's still approx. half of it left over.<br /> <br /> Have fun!
I had a cool burn though and a its awesome
ow i burnd myself
Well, I somewhat mentioned that this part is kind of "Dangerous". I still hope you got a nice pouch out of it for all the effort.
woah, you're like, the only person who endorses Zune. Thanks, man. The case looks awesome too.
I like the instructable. I also prefer the apple i-pod. but hey that's just me
Hey mariome101, thanks for the credits. I guess you could make a nice pouch with the appropriate logo. Like written before, this is not about the zune :-) Although I really like my Zune. It's kind of unique here as MS never sold them here.
I've checked some referrals to this instructable on other sites and I want to thank for the positive critics. If anyone wants to comment, I would higly appreciate any comment.

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