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Hello everyone,
In this instructable I will show you how to make your own game console.

Step 1: Step 1: Parts and Tools

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Only oscilloscope if you somewhere get in trouble with signals.


Zybo (ZYnq BOard)

VGA monitor

2 x Pmod JSTK2

Step 2: Download and Install Necessary Files

*From the following link download and install Vivado 2017.1

*Download and install Board Files from following link in order to get "Zybo" option in Vivado

*After successful installation, download FINALrar file with designs.

Step 3: Unrar and Import Designs Into Vivado

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*Next steps are crucial.
*As soon as you download FINAL.rar file unrar it.

*After that run Vivado and follow steps for creating new project.

1)In the Vivado toolbar you should see a "File" button, click on it.

2)Click on "New Project", now there should be a "New Project Wizard".

3)Enter a name and location for the project and click "Next".

4)In this stage it is very important to set "default board" to Zybo.

5)Click "Next" and after that "Finish" *Finally we create a new project for Zybo.

*Next we need to import design files and generate bitstream.

*After successfully generated bitstream, export hardware including a bitstream.

*After all, Lunch SDK.

Step 4: Let's Play

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*Connect a VGA monitor, joysticks and power supply to your board.

*Program FPGA with included bitstream.

*Build source code and run solution.


Step 5: Documentation

*For further information check project documentation.

Thank you for attention.


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Bio: The project was launched during the summer school in 2016,the idea was to make retro gaming console. Project is separated in few stages.We ... More »
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