As you could probably make out from the title, the aim of this project is to make an Image Enhancement System using the ZYNQ ApSOC. More specifically, we wish to build a system that can clear out the fog from images or video. This system will take in poor conditions visual data as the input, process it using image enhancement techniques and then output the result.

The project was build and tested on the Digilent Zybo Board but other ZYNQ devices should work as well.

We will split this project in 3 parts :

1) INPUT = Input Image via Ethernet from Computer/Camera

2) PROCESS = Process the Image

3) OUTPUT = Output the Image via an HDMI interface

In a very counterintuitive fashion we will begin with the output part of the project (this will give us better debugging possibilities along the way) continue with the input and finish off with the processing part.

Step 1: Materials

To complete this project you will need :


- any ZYNQ Board with HDMI and Ethernet should work / I'm using the Digilent Zybo

- USB A to mini B USB cable

- HDMI cable

- Ethernet cable

- Display with HDMI input


- Xilinx Vivado

- Xilinx SDK

<p>answer me please you speak french or not ,I explain more details.</p><div><p>my questions how detect the outline image with sobel filter please help me how to create this code and how to Implement on Zynq card Vivado.</p><p>I thank you very much</p></div>
<p>pleas can you help me how to read and detect sobel picture will VHDL code and implement this code in carte ZYNQ pleas can you answer me.thank you</p>
<p>Welcome to Instructables. Thanks for sharing.</p>

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