Picture of a James Bond's wallet (with digicam inside)
This is an upgradable wallet for spies. This basic version includes, a large pocket for papers and bucks, some rooms for cards, a secret pocket for secret items, and above all, a tiny hidden digital camera to furtively make secret photos.

It has no pocket for coins because real spies don't want to make sounds when they are spying, but if fake spies want one or need some more frames, it's possible to "upgrade" it.
The prenium version even has a white LED flashlight, a red laser pointer and a tiny emergency swiss-knife.

Step 1: What do you need ?

Items :
- a tiny pencam (or a cheap tiny digitalcam for kids).
- two AAA batteries
- some electrical wires
- a support for two AAA (where to plug your batteries and with two pins where to solder your wires)
- a large adhesive tape (color and texture of your choice)
- stiff cardboards
- flexible cardboards

Tools :
- a soldering iron
- clippers
- cutter
- ruler
- pencil
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Ds HaKa7 years ago
du u tink du cellphone camru wud wrk
What the heck is a camru? And whats a wud? Wat about a wrk? Im so confused.
I know what it ment people I was making fun of him!
well that wasn't very nice!
camru is camru wud is would wrk is work Learn Texttalk!
static Ds HaKa5 years ago
 Sigh; "text talk" has it's place when a limit amount of characters are allowed. However that's not the case with instructables comments. Perhaps a cell phone camera could be used, but think the kind used here would be the easiest to use.
Camru is camru? you need to learn how to Talk!
He no need to lurn te talk, he are teh LOLcat in trainings.

So, you're saying that you're too lazy to even spell correctly when you're not even in an instant messaging chat or in a game? Besides, no one in any texting world says "camru" or "wrk."
(Laugh out loud) that is so true (you liked how i didn't use LOL, right??)
lol, no "lol"'s fine; it IS proper text language xD
translation: do you think a cellphone camera would work?
thank you
chooseausername (author)  Ds HaKa7 years ago
Dunt furgut du point uf this wullet wus tu unter du " wallet challenge " with a unique wallet.

It's not serious project. It was just an entry to a contest ;o)
talk english
DouglasG13 years ago
You don't take your secret weapon on airplanes do you?
boom12345 years ago
static5 years ago
 I wonder what happened to that worthless key chain digital camera I waste 10 bucks on? Fun looking project, but I don't know where I'd use a hidden camera. I have ideas, but getting caught would mean there would be nothing left of me after they stomped the BS out of me.  A 3 V. button cell may make a good substitute for the 2 AAA
Hunter O.5 years ago
During WWII, the FreeFrench Forces had mini knive sheathes that they kept concealed under their sleeve.If you could find one, you might could fit it into the secret compartment.
yangasam5 years ago
could you make this without the camera?
CameronSS8 years ago
That's pretty cool, however, I think people would notice you holding a wallet up to the Top Secret Documents And/Or Death Device of Doom.
chooseausername (author)  CameronSS8 years ago
Real secret agents know a lot of technics to get rid of witnesses when they are doing secret activities ;-) And if you're not a real secret agents, does it really matter if some witnesses notice you are taking pictures of an item in a commercial center because you need more time to decide if you'll buy it or not ? ;-)
but they wouldn't know u were taking pictures, they would just see you standing there with your wallet up to the item... kinda weird ...
chooseausername (author)  gelvenchief7 years ago
Real secret agents are not afraid of ridicule ...
Think about Austin Power for instance !
austin powers is not a real secret agent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey i have an idea, lets debate about a tape wallet. Oh, wait, i think you guys beat me to it =(
chooseausername (author)  chardster7 years ago
I think the people would be more concerned with you being near the top secret documents and/or death device of doom xD
Gage9876 years ago
since james bond would never have a tape wallet you could just incorperate these ideas into a leather or cloth wallet and you could coat the camer in somthing to stop it from getting crusheded
Rashid7476 years ago
it's great
Dr.Jones6 years ago
will index cards work?
They might work but you will probably need to use a lot. Try cardstock from boxed foods and such.
And if you're like James Bond (i mean, a great seducer), don't forget to hide a secret "weapon" into the secret pocket of your secret agent wallet ... that may save your life ! It wont save your life just an 18yr hangover...
nmaybe take a tiny piece of copper tubing and attach one of those mini airsoft CO2 canisters, and voila! you have a dart gun
Pwag6 years ago
Sweet now I can get covert photos of what goes on in my back pocket...
blckthng7 years ago
imagine james bond taking out a wallet made of tape! dude just wouldnt happen
chooseausername (author)  blckthng7 years ago
Yeah,but that's still more probable than James Bond taking a tape made of wallet !
ok good idea get on it
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