Picture of a VERY easy to do VERY convincing scar!
Sadly here in Belgium there is little to no enforcement of Halloween. Say all you want about it becoming a marketing product; I like what the industry has carved the day into. Wish there were more marks of it felt around here.

Thus I thought I would make an instructable (my first) after reading of the Halloween competition:
A VERY convincing scar!

The instructable is long because I tried to present in detail. But the process itself is rather simple and short. Good luck!

WARNING 1: Keeping it on too long can have simiallar effect to wearing tight socks for a long time would have around your ankles. This can be extremely disturbing.
WARNING 2: folding too much skin is sure to increase the effects mentioned in warning #1. Try to make a ratio of size and time& the more you need to keep it on; the better you keep the amount low.
WARNING 3: In this instructable you are advised to use glue directly onto your skin. As DIY'ers, we possibly already have simply too much experience with glue on our skin. But none the less you may want to keep in mind that this glue is to remaing for some time. Your skin won't breath it's usual amount and will be in constant contact. Do NOT choose any chemical that your body would allergically react to. Please USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.
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wins5e4 years ago
thank you! i had no costume this year, but you gave me the best idea. and even though they don't sell super glue where i live in, and just used elmers glue? lol, it was way better than no costume. thank you so much!! :)
sasquatch19966 months ago

yeah, dont use contact cement, very bad idea, but ronsonal lighter fluid works in a pinch as a remover

fiftikhar1 year ago
Great one (y)
sueupton6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
As a "pro makeup person" we do actually use acetone to create this effect, or at least similar ones. There are many scarring compounds and adhesives out there and for a slit he has the right idea, but I would use a medical adhesive, silicone based or other, but not latex. The latex will not hold as the purpose of it is that it is flexible and will stretch.

Rigid Collodian will create an incredible scar like this if you paint on multiple layers of the thinnest line. It has acetone in it so yes, mua's do use acetone. Best of all no folding of e skin, it shrinks the skin you apply it too backward, as it contracts as it dries. More layers equals more pulling and a deeper cut. It is literally designed for this effect.
I loves my rigid collodion!! Most effective looking scars ever - even for people who knew me already.
BlackDidThis (author)  sueupton6 years ago
Hmmm thats very important information about acetone.

Mind I look into that first and edit accordingly?
Please do not get offended; I truly do not wish to insult your profession nor your knowledge.
It's that I would like to get some background on it first.

As for the latex... well latex adhesives (a version of contact glues) tend to work well. But with the latex I have used to date it held the two ends very poorly. Might be that it lacks quality. But in the end I don't advise latex for this in particular.
On the other hand I have had wonderful results in creating wrinkles with it.

I guess Pro-aide should be something I should look for at some time. Is it something found commonly? Or does it require postal ordering and etc?

Thank you very much for the input Sue.
It is much appreciated

BlackDidThis (author)  BlackDidThis6 years ago
I have now edited this step in accordance to my very short research with hopes that people will choose wisely on what to do in accordance to the amounts and circumstances. Thank you again
I don't mean to rock the boat here, but you can use acetone on your skin. Not the industrial strength stuff you get in the hardware store. Go get a bottle of Nail Polish Remover. It has acetone as its number one ingredient which makes removing glues, paint and spirit gum from ones skin a snap. Some of them even have skin softening ingredients that leave your skin soft and smooth.You can get acetone free stuff too if you are sensitive. It just takes a bit more of it for longer.


Agreed. I know this is an old post but I don't want anyone reading it and being terrified if they ever get sfx makeup done and smell acetone. That person isn't trying to kill you! Lol it is perfectly fine! Kryolan, one of e leading theatrical makeup brands, sells acetone for goodness sakes, as well as Gradtobian I think? Anyway, it is used to blend bald cap edges, or you can thin your latex if it isn't blending into the skin around the edges of an appliance. Im not trying to be mean but I'm baffled a pro makeup artist said that... It is like saying you are a master chef who has never used butter.
(removed by author or community request)
I think (though I'm not absolutely sure) that tincture of Benzoin might be what you are referring to for the colostomy bag.

Tincture of Benzoin is used as a "glue" for holding on bandages. It does have some minor side effects, it will slightly stain your skin, and prolonged use will "toughen" your skin (I have heard that some guitarists will use it on their finger tips, and I do know that rock climbers use it to toughen finger tips).

In fact in terms of this Instructable, Tincture of Benzoin might work well, the slight staining effect might make the stitches look more "real".

In doing a quick web search, I did find a medical reference where there is a slight possibility of an allergic reaction to Benzoin, and the concluding remark was:
"To conclude, tincture benzoin is a safe, natural substance to increase tackiness; however, it can rarely cause allergic contact dermatitis."

As for sources, it should be available a larger drugstores or other medical supply places, and I saw that it is available from REI

des3cwt2 years ago
I have found that using liquid latex is one of the best things I've used for something like this. Though you'd have to be careful because it may cause allergic reactions.
xFr3akSh0W4 years ago
Heey , I was wondering if you could also use this 'technique' among legs , collarbones and face? And if no, is there another , just as simple way ? xxx Great Tutorial! Thank you a lot!
BlackDidThis (author)  xFr3akSh0W2 years ago
I am so sorry for such a belated reply...
But for future reference you may want to take note that the legs are not the best candidate especially if you are of athletic physical state. As the skin there tends to really move about; the scars would tend to burst sooner or later. Unless you are in a bed or a wheel chair I would advise your obtaining some sort of putty and gluing the stitches onto it.

But ironically I have never had trouble with the clavicle area despite the fact that I am what you would describe as skinny-bones and the mount of loose flesh is mere minimum in such an area.

For the face I would advise caution for obvious reasons... On the cheek I had kept it for a day and babbled my heart out still not having it pop. The forehead did demand my limiting my actions.
Further than that I can really not give much advise through personal experience but through common sense I can presume that the nose would be rather difficult and the brows rather dangerous.

I hope to have been of some use...
Once again: My sincere apologies for the delay!
Hi, wanted to say how much I loved your design. I used a variant on this for a costume for a facial scar (with makeup instead of folding the skin since I was going to have it on all day). Kudos to your design because a *lot* of people thought it was real.

Rubber cement worked really well for holding the stitches in place, though it tore a few upper layers of skin off if I didn't pick the stitches out first and rub it off slowly. Not perfect, but I'd still say better than spirit gum.
BlackDidThis (author)  Lillian Bakht2 years ago
Thank you for stopping by with such encouraging words...

Honestly I have never done this without the glue on myself (For sfx we usually would have a latex layer to really stitch).
I would love to see pictures of your results!
sportguru5 years ago
Awesome..I'd like to try it but Ican't find any suitable glue. :'(
Use Spirit Gum..
Use Super Glue :P

dont... that stuff would be a biach to get off
what i do to get out of tests and stuff is get a razor, and run it over the place you want cut lightly, so that there is very little blood. wait for a night, and the next morning there will be a scab, but no real cut underneath. then proceed normally. (ps you could just push hard on the blade and really get stitches, i did that once)
no, not emo.  i got into a fight and i did it the next day and the other guy got into teenage jail for armed assult
so u basically cut yourself to make it look like the dude that attacked you hit you with a knife or something?
hackerlife5 years ago
I incorporated my costume this halloween (I was a corporate zombie, I also used
It came out looking great!
I didn't follow your directions exactly, as I had no internet connection at the time.
Also, it ripped off halfway through the zombie battles.
I'm pretty sure it tore off some skin.
It currently hurts like a b***h.
But great 'ible!!

AMAZING! you heal quick all thats lef is a crease where it used to be :) im going as a skateboarding accident so using big stiches for the "do-it-yourself" look 5 stars for simplicity and accuracy (would have been 4 but someone who can cut class with this deserves credit)

Or you could just stab yourself with a sharp kitchen knife and have a doctor do it for you,(it may be easier)
ah yes,but the hardest part is convincing yourself that it wont hurt!
159Ghouls6 years ago
this is soooooo awsom i got to try this
Sweet! Some guy at school did this and he "accidentally" pulled his "stitches" out and it started "bleeding" all over. The teacher was out so when he came back, he freaked!
tmos5406 years ago
lol i did a bunch on my arm, but i just bloodied them, no stitches. before you apply the glue to an area with hair, get rid of the hair or it will stick to the hair and removing it will hurt like heck.
bloodpact6 years ago
really top notch. Do you have any other effect make-up instructables up?
i made some of these but i used superglue instead. i would suggest against it. it held wonderfully, but if you leave it on for more than a few hours(mine was on overnight) it gets all lack of blood flow-ish. and then it starts to sting. i ended up pullin it off a few hours early >_<
gmana6 years ago
asum scar looks real
jbisker6 years ago
This is a great instructable: thanks! The word you were looking for, by the way, is "verisimilitude"
dkfa6 years ago
Can you do a video how to do this? I can't figure out how to make the thread/stitching knot things.
BlackDidThis (author)  dkfa6 years ago
I can't this week and I guess next week would be too late for holloween. Why don't you message me to more specifically state where you need help. I'll do my best.
jfearnside6 years ago
Nice technique - this is my first try - I think I need more practice but there is definitely potential here
Plasmana6 years ago
That is really coo! Nice work.
shantaram6 years ago
Time to read some Roald Dahl...
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