Step 11: Everything has to come to an end.

Picture of Everything has to come to an end.
Well even real stitches have to come off at some time!

I was sort of disappointed when real stitches were taken off when I was a child. I was so looking forward to walking around without the bandages and a Frankenstein look (yes I was an interesting case).

You can just pull it apart if you wish to. I doubt you can do too much damage.
But if you have any doubts; you would be better off using acetone (nail polish remover) as it tends to dissolve just about any glue you would possibly be using.

Here I just ripped it off:

EDIT (Acetone usage):
Being correctly warned through SueUpton that I should not advise people to use Acetone as an agent to remove the glue... I've researched and found countless reliable/serious sites stating acetone for removal of glue. But the BIG finds were those of glue brands such as superglue, gorilla glue and miracle glue advising to use acetone. And commercially available removers tend  to have products with up to 86-90 percent acetone in it.
I have also found out that medically acetone is used for pain treatments and orthopedic castings. Thus I can not reason to rule out the advise.

So was she wrong? Absolutely not!
Acetone can be very toxic. And I would appreciate that in her line of business (as I get it she is professional make-up artist) the constant usage of the product would present serious damage.

Thus as much as I can not rule it out I would feel it correct to state that you SHOULD use it with caution.
There are apparently many alternatives including non-acetone nail polish removers found in pharmacies.

Thank you SueUpton for the heads-up here.
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sueupton6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
BlackDidThis (author)  sueupton6 years ago
Hmmm thats very important information about acetone.

Mind I look into that first and edit accordingly?
Please do not get offended; I truly do not wish to insult your profession nor your knowledge.
It's that I would like to get some background on it first.

As for the latex... well latex adhesives (a version of contact glues) tend to work well. But with the latex I have used to date it held the two ends very poorly. Might be that it lacks quality. But in the end I don't advise latex for this in particular.
On the other hand I have had wonderful results in creating wrinkles with it.

I guess Pro-aide should be something I should look for at some time. Is it something found commonly? Or does it require postal ordering and etc?

Thank you very much for the input Sue.
It is much appreciated

BlackDidThis (author)  BlackDidThis6 years ago
I have now edited this step in accordance to my very short research with hopes that people will choose wisely on what to do in accordance to the amounts and circumstances. Thank you again