A bookmark that also acts as book light! Put the baby kangaroo into mama kangaroo's pouch to turn the light on. The bookmark is soft and malleable, it can be shaped to form an arch over your book illuminating the pages evenly.

I have used many book lights, and have never been satisfied with any of them. Some are too bright and light the entire room. Others get hot and smell like burning plastic. Batteries never seem to last long enough.

Before Instructables posted a 'Soft Circuit' contest I had no clue what a soft circuit was. With some research I found that soft circuits are most commonly used to integrate electronics into clothing. None of my shirts or sweaters would look too cool with LEDs, so I didn't give the idea much more thought,  until...

Late one night, I was using my cell phone as a reading light (because I hate reading lights!), I realized a bookmark would be a great place for a soft circuit. Why couldn't a bookmark also act as a book light?

This Instructable describes how to integrate LEDs into a bookmark, and will show you a clever way to turn the lights on and off.

Step 1: Design the Circuit

  • 3 Volt  battery used for the power source, installed in mama kangaroo's head.
  • Conductive thread used as the conductor.
  • Baby kangaroo is the switch.
  • 220 Ohm resistor from Radio Shack.
  • Resistor is in series and LEDs are in parallel.
Awww! Adorable!
Cute, I like how the baby kangaroo is the on/off switch.
Thanks! I love your bunny bus pass holder.

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