Picture of a better knex grenade
this is like a nomal knex grenade that is more powerful just throw and it explodes
when i made my first knex grenade i was disappointed cause it didnt explode like a grenade should
but most knex grenade dont even explode they just fall apart so ive put up my latest design of a much better grenade

Step 1: The middle

Picture of the middle
take two center brown pieces and a elastic band
begin to thread the band through the knex like so
tie the ends together
(YOUR N4 years ago
Sketch985 years ago
can u use a dark grey connector instead of blue
jakesllama (author) 6 years ago
nice it looks like mine but i like the idea of filling it with clutter
its ok i ges but i pre fur awsome grenade.
hey can u take a look at my grenade, here is a link http://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_Grenade_19/
"better" is compareing two things. So what is this compared to? But it is a great gernade!
its like saying "build a better mousetrap"
jakesllama (author)  zimster427 years ago
lol bet it would hurt the mouse!
jakesllama (author)  cstrike pwner7 years ago
but-vid-on-yout-ube... i like hot-dog and cakes!!!!!
jakesllama (author) 7 years ago
next im puting up my compound bow out of knex!
hungyhipo7 years ago
please show more pics for puting on the rubber bands
jakesllama (author)  hungyhipo7 years ago
the elastic bands are easy just place from the top white snowflake to the bottem white snowflake the more elastic the more power!
bodinbro7 years ago
im trying to make a launcher for this piticular grenade ill post it then send u the link ok?
jakesllama (author)  bodinbro7 years ago
sure that would be great thanks (i was wondering how to make a grenade launcher )
dang! the only way i could make it is if it only went 5 ft! lol sry for the false hope......=( ive tried more ruberbands but it just makes it more unuseable...
jakesllama (author)  bodinbro7 years ago
lol i tryed too but he exploded in mid air not much use thanks anyway
Stinger77047 years ago
Excellent grenade, thanks
anarki1217 years ago
how big is the blast radius?
jakesllama (author)  anarki1217 years ago
I'd say 5 to 6 feet when i held it while it exploded they went every where leaving only the two small white connectors in my hand enjoy!
niconator7 years ago
Looks Nice
jakesllama (author)  niconator7 years ago
thanks XD
double hmmmmm.. hmmmmm..
StyleCore7 years ago
fist comment
nope you didn't actually comment the instructables so you didn't get first comment bedbugg did.
I did. ;)
fist comment?
i know, right?!:p
Mepain7 years ago
What's up with the chain thing in the video? Why didn't you just throw it? First comment.
jakesllama (author)  Mepain7 years ago
i just thought it would be cool to make an bomb tester but you can just throw it
bedbugg27 years ago
check out my grenade :D
jakesllama (author)  bedbugg27 years ago
cool how does it work?
it fires projectiles using rubber bands
jakesllama (author)  bedbugg27 years ago
nice good work!