A Better Knex Grenade





Introduction: A Better Knex Grenade

this is like a nomal knex grenade that is more powerful just throw and it explodes
when i made my first knex grenade i was disappointed cause it didnt explode like a grenade should
but most knex grenade dont even explode they just fall apart so ive put up my latest design of a much better grenade

Step 1: The Middle

take two center brown pieces and a elastic band
begin to thread the band through the knex like so
tie the ends together

Step 2: The Middle

add two snow flake things
and place two blue clips to hold them

Step 3: The Skin

place all eight side clips on
do not push them on to hard
or they wont blow up

Step 4: The Rest

and lastly just place a good amount of elastic band on the white snowflakes not on the side clips(you want them to come off easily)

Step 5: Done

and you're all done just throw him and it'll explode
i put a video on to show it exploding with my new state of the art bomb tester
(sorry you will have to turn you're head!)



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    can u use a dark grey connector instead of blue

    nice it looks like mine but i like the idea of filling it with clutter

    its ok i ges but i pre fur awsome grenade.

    "better" is compareing two things. So what is this compared to? But it is a great gernade!

    its like saying "build a better mousetrap"

    lol bet it would hurt the mouse!

    but-vid-on-yout-ube... i like hot-dog and cakes!!!!!