Perl is a text based scripting languge that has it's advantages and disadvantages,this tutorial will give you an overview of the basics and the functions that most scripters (AKA;programers)
would use. LETS GET STARTED! (for windows operators only)
I am assuming that you have worked with a hello world program before or/and worked with a interpeter.

when scripting in perl you have to change your PATH,
but if you dont want to do this, use perl express (shown below).

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Step 1: The Materials

1.a perl interpeter (google it!)
2.if you want, perl express (google it!)
3.also, if you want , modules (google perl modules for some)
install the modules in the "lib" folder in your perl interpeter's directory
Get Perl for dummies. Way better then this.<br />
Wow... looks really complicated.
<em> <strong>LAME</strong></em><br />
Which interpreter do you use? Any time I open a script in active perl it closes almost immediately. I can just barely see it say "hello world!".
dont open it directly from active perl open the script from a command prompt WITH active perl.If you dont want to do this use perl express.To do it with the prompt change your path to where active perl is.Do this by entering path directory here.Please tell me if this solves your problem if it dosent I will be happy to help.
I opened it with perl express and it worked, thank you for helping!
youthink this is complicated? , try java
what looks complicated ? ,the script in the picture or the tut?

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