A Cheap and Beautiful Rc Car





Introduction: A Cheap and Beautiful Rc Car

The car is cheap and made of materials available nearby.
If u have any problem then u can ask me .
Leave a nice comment.

Step 1: Material Required

DVD drive (broken, not new but the motors are OK)
Transmiitor and receiver
Gear box of a good ratio for better toque
I big gear
I hollow tube
Fevicol , feviquick, papers
Colours and simple tools

Step 2: Making Frame

Make a wooden frame out of sticks and make sure that the wood is not heavy.
Our moto is to make light frame.
From the DVD drive take out a motor which is without gears and place it in the gear box .
I made my gear box at home using some plastic parts and gears. Officially I did not do any calculations for gears but use my hands to understand them.

Step 3: Body

The body is made of card board and attached with frame.

Step 4: Stearing

The strstearing is made of DVD drive and the bigger gear I attached a metal peice in the center and attached a refill to it . I attached two tyres to the refill and make sure it runs free.

Step 5: Back Power

Attach the other gear box and motor to the back of vehicle . attach wheels to it

Step 6: Power

Wide up the reciver to the motors . it is very easy so I am leaving it.

Step 7: Colour

Colour the car as you wish and run it.
You can also use LEDs .



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    Well I used a remote control from a old broken rc car.
    You need to connect stearing wire to the stearing mechanism and and other moter wire to back one and use 3 cells as a power source

    great work , but how to make it work as remote controlled RC .one ...