This is how I made a cookie-tin banjo... learn from my mistakes!

Step 1: Step 1

Find some wood and other junk.

In my case, a dumpster appeared while campus was remodeling a building - goodies ahoy.

Look for some wood that's atleast 1.75" by 20" ... bigger would be better. Hard wood is best... i think my is pine
no.... you could make a banjo from that foot...<br>...use the toes as pegs...<br>...hmmmm....
look like hard work but - thats the fun of it when you get done..Can you just video and pluck a few note?
<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: arial , helvetica , sans-serif;color: rgb(51,51,51);">''If it makes noise, and you like it - then it's music :p'' &nbsp;ha ha ha so true!!!</span>
This appears to be a fretless banjo- did you add frets? The lack of frets would make me fret :P You could probably do with a slot for a removable nut at the head end so you can remove and replace it when it gets too chewed up by the strings. Anyhoo, I'd love to see some pictures of it strung, and maybe yourself playing it with a grass stalk in your mouth? Video of playing even better.
Indeed, she's fretless. I'm not too worried about eating the neck up, it's mostly nylon strings, they seem to play nice so far. More pictures/video will be forthcoming. Next, on the to-do list, is a cardboard upright bass. :)
Very nice, just needs a video of you making sounds to complete it!
Good job.

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Bio: I'm a Master's student at UMR, studying Environmental Engineering.
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