Just days ago my instant coffe maker couldn't make coffees anymore so i demolished the body. I took all the useful parts like switch, cable, some motor parts. The plastic body was ready to throw it away when my wife gift me a touch pod 2nd gen. So i was looking forward for anything to use it as a charger unit and a an holding assistance. Initially i thought to make it something by the scratch using an old useless sony walkman but i had a lot of mods to do on it. After i tried an old mouse but on second thought i consider that i need a charge unit for the top most useful gadgetss in my house: The Ipod touch and my cell phone. But the mouse has limited space for both of them so then i called in mind the broke coffee maker. The top of it is alike a mouse but in 3 times more. So offers the ideal space to lay down safely the 2 connection gadgets. The only i needed is some time, some mood, and some very simple tools (the must have of them)

-Something analog to the top of my coffee cup, for a single Ipod is ideal an old mouse.
-carton cuter or any sharp cutter
- Some carton (about 2-3 mm)of thickness) to cover the bottom of the base unit.
-Some glue, or silicone, or hot glue.
-some pieces of packaging foam (optional)
- a Dremel tool and some of the drills
- 2 pieces of sand paper (one fine and one for the more harder)
-Some weight to make the unit havier and more stable (iron pieces of 30, 40, 50 gr)

SO lets Do It!

Step 1: Now We Work!

First of all we take some measurements to decide where to fit the cellphone and where the Ipod. The cellphone is smaller enough than the IPod touch, and also we need a place just to charge it and do nothing else (maybe some on speaker call but not often). Instead that the IPOD touch is more TOUCHED. So i need the base not only for charging but also for a safe place resting my device while i play some games, browsing my mails and the web. Instead to hold this slippery metal surface of IPODtouch (or Iphone).

I draw the basic lines (by using the small part in the pic) and after that, my Dremel does the job. I use the wheel for plastic cutter and i dare to make the first hole. Very carefully i cut the drawing area and some more of left and right edges. OK, now i use another tool to open the hole in the size i want. I work the Dremel in middle speed. (13-15)
thnx...the iphone/ipodtouch position is just for them and maby some new iphone clones. The year i made this was only iphone/ipodtouch in stores. The other socket for the cellphone is generic too... The weights I used i din't bought them actually. I exctract them from dead electric devices such as coffee mixer and orange squiser....but you may find them on Ebay i guess
cool!...i guess can hold Iphone? or is a generic holder?where we can get these kind of weight bars?

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