A Few Ideas to Keep Your Home Cooler/ With Out Having to Buy a Swamp Cooler





Introduction: A Few Ideas to Keep Your Home Cooler/ With Out Having to Buy a Swamp Cooler

Ok heres some ideas to keep your home cooler in the summer/for free

Step 1: Turning Off the Lights.

every time you leave your house make sure to turn off the lights tv basically any thing that generates heat

Step 2: Closing Doors & Windows.

You don't have to go this extra mile but I did and it helps a lot. Again when you leave your house close the doors close the curtains etc.

Step 3: The End

after you have done all this you will notice your house up to ten degrees cooler

I hope this Instructable help



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    my room has a wall which faces the sun, gets so friggin hot! so i just put a damp bath towel against it, held up with some duct tape and just wet the towel every 10 minutes or so

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    Does anybody have DIY swamp cooler plans rattling in theirs heads as hot sticky air blankets large parts of the globe this week?

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    burlap sack in front of the fan...

    I liked UR ible , but I still have need 4 more cooling capacity than 10 F degrees even following UR suggestions. No personal failure on the part of monkeyman123. I was hoping that others might have the info I seek,"My Precious" chilly indoor Summer air temps!

    I see well I'm working on some better tips cause this one is just my ruf draft i will soon have a complete project for you guys.

    thats some good advice.

    thats a good idea

    good job im glad you care about the earth.

    good tips that everyone should follow; maybe it's not going to produce heavenly breezes in a hot summer, but it's better than nothing:)

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    thanks man I'm glad you like it.

    I'm glad so many people have viewed this in the first day ps. please comment