Ok heres some ideas to keep your home cooler in the summer/for free

Step 1: Turning Off the Lights.

every time you leave your house make sure to turn off the lights tv basically any thing that generates heat
my room has a wall which faces the sun, gets so friggin hot! so i just put a damp bath towel against it, held up with some duct tape and just wet the towel every 10 minutes or so
Thats a really good idea.
Does anybody have DIY swamp cooler plans rattling in theirs heads as hot sticky air blankets large parts of the globe this week?
burlap sack in front of the fan...
I liked UR ible , but I still have need 4 more cooling capacity than 10 F degrees even following UR suggestions. No personal failure on the part of monkeyman123. I was hoping that others might have the info I seek,"My Precious" chilly indoor Summer air temps!
I see well I'm working on some better tips cause this one is just my ruf draft i will soon have a complete project for you guys.
thats some good advice.
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thats a good idea
good job im glad you care about the earth.
good tips that everyone should follow; maybe it's not going to produce heavenly breezes in a hot summer, but it's better than nothing:)
thanks man I'm glad you like it.
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I'm glad so many people have viewed this in the first day ps. please comment

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