Guitar for in the garden

Step 1: Draw a guitar on betonplex

Draw a guitar on betonplex
<p>No, how could you have done this to the sacred guitar?! Just kidding ;) I love playing the guitar, so the only place I normally see it is either in my hands or at its stand. This is a nice change though! Thank you :)</p>
;) thank you.
great post....
Would this be a guitarden? ; )
Yes it is ! ;)
Clever idea. Looks cool.
thank you for your compliment in the summer we put some succulents in the guitar
Neat idea!
thanks poofrabbit it was fun to make
That looks great! I thought it was a real guitar the first time I looked at it :)
Thanks Penolopy ;) my daughter is very happy (I copied her little guitar)

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