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Warning: some higher power guns (mostly CO2) WILL pierce this. spring power guns, for the most part will not even put a dent in it unless at point blank range. No other intro is needed. This is what you're going to make.

Step 1: Materials Needed

The materials needed for this are:
pliers (if the cardboard you're using has staples in it)
duct tape
glue (any kind works)
spray paint ( different shades of green and possibbely black.)
a 2'1'' X 2' 11'' piece of card board (this will be layer 1)
Two 1' x 2'4'' pieces of cardboard these will be the thickest pieces of cardboard you should use.(mine were about .7'' thick) I am going to call these layer two.
A 1' 9.75'' X 2' 8'' piece of cardboard.(layer 3)

the exact measurements don't really matter as long as 3 is smaller than 1 by a few inches and 2 is smaller than those (When I say 2 I mean both pieces together.)

Before you start use your pliers to take out any staples in the cardboard

Step 2: Layer 1

take the layer 1 piece of cardboard and bend it at an angle of your choosing. it shouldn't be a verry small angle.
Put some glue on the bend where the wrinkles in the cardboard are.
Prop up the sides with something to keep the angle. If you need to, then weigh down the center of the cardboard.
Let the glue dry.

Step 3: Layer 2

Picture of Layer 2

the glue alone will not keep the angle. now glue down the layer 2 pieces so that they touch each other at the center.(layer 1 should still be bent) let the glue dry.

Step 4: Layer 3

Picture of Layer 3

once layer 2 dries on put some glue on top of them and place layer 3. layer3 should also be bent. Let the glue dry.

Step 5: The Best Material Ever!

Picture of The Best Material Ever!

Now get out our duct tape. we are going to make a handle for the shield. take a piece about 6'' long and another piece about 7'' long. put the pieces together stickey side inward so that the 6'' piece is centered with the 7'' one. Place this on the back of the shield. This is the first handle. make another below it so that you can put your arm through the bottom one and grab the top one.then staple them down and put more tape on the sides like so to make sure the tape doesn't com up. You may need more tape then I used.

Step 6: Camo Time (1)

Picture of Camo Time (1)

spray paint the entire shield the lighter of your 2 or 3 colors. It doesn't need to be totally solid.

Step 7: Camo Time (2)

Picture of Camo Time (2)

Get some leaves and place them on the shield after the fist layer of spray paint drys on.

Step 8: Camo Time (3)

Picture of Camo Time (3)

spray the 2nd darkest color on. the leaves will stop it from painting parts of the cardboard. If you want you can let it dry with the leaves on and they'll stick for a while. I think it looks kind of cool that way, but in the end the leaves will fall off.

Step 9: The Final Camo

Picture of The Final Camo

This step is optional.
now take your darkest color (mine was black) and spray it very lightly on the shield or any part of the shield. I just did the bottom half. This is what mine looked like. now you're done.


Stealth_invader (author)2016-01-04

nice, im not sure about airsoft, but i'll definately use it with nerf, and maybe add a few lookout holes

corn holio (author)2012-06-19

my friend once made one... 5 mins later he was hit about 100 times by my minigun

ilpug (author)2011-09-28

all of my airsoft guns could shoot holes through this from at least 100 feet. only really effective against long range and low-power guns. if i did this, and actually wanted it to work, i would use acrylic sheeting. i really wouldnt want to use one of these in airsoft, it would make you a bigger target.

hankadopolis (author)ilpug2011-10-04

sorry. I forgot to mention that CO2 guns will pierce it. It works fine for me because I usually only go up against people with pistols and all the guns that have been used on me have been spring loaded. again, sorry for wasting your time and I'll update my instructable soon.

ilpug (author)hankadopolis2011-10-04

It's okay for springer wars, for sure. i like the paint job though.

hankadopolis (author)ilpug2011-10-08

thanks. right now i'm trying to find a way to make some sort of child friendly air soft gernade,but i'm getting nowhere so don't expect results anytime soon. Any ideas?

ilpug (author)hankadopolis2011-10-08

oh yeah, i know the feeling. i have tried many different designs, and they are all either too powerful or just don't work.

what exactly do you mean by child friendly?

hankadopolis (author)ilpug2011-10-09

something that wont make so loud a noise that it could hurt your ears(not really a problem) and something that doesn't use any kind of spark to cause the explosion.the area I play in has lots of trees and grass and it's all way too dry to risk a fire.

ilpug (author)hankadopolis2011-10-09

hmm. my most successful grenades have all been explosives-based, but i have heard some good things about one powered with baking soda and vinegar. Personally, i think, the louder the better!

hankadopolis (author)ilpug2011-10-11

baking soda and vinegar. I've never tried that. the best i've come up with is getting 5 or 6 party poppers, taking out the confetti, and putting all the explosives in to one of them along with some air soft Beebes.

ilpug (author)hankadopolis2011-10-11

Hmm. that sounds a bit un-satisfying. the general recipe is as follows (with my personal modifications)

-get a bunch of those 1-pint water bottles. they are available at Dollar stores or K-mart, Wal-Mart, etc.

-take off labels, and sand the surface of the bottles deeply to weaken it. don't sand all the way through though.

-fill the bottle about half full with cheap white vinegar. toss in about 70 or so cheap BBs.

-Take a plastic bag and cut off the corner. stuff the corner down into the bottle, with some sticking out. fill the bag corner with baking soda, making sure none gets in the vinegar.

-flop the edges of the plastic bag corners over the edges of the bottle rim, and screw the lid on tight. This seals the baking soda from the vinegar, in one self-contained package.

-to use, unscrew the lid, drop the baking soda bag corner into the vinegar, quickly screw on the lid, give it a quick shake, and throw.

when these work they are great. Very loud, but don't disperse ammo very well. They have many problems with not exploding, or exploding several minutes too late. It helps to throw them hard against a hard surface.

Here is an instructable that helps explain it better. 

hankadopolis (author)ilpug2011-10-12

thanks a lot! I'm gonna try this!

ilpug (author)hankadopolis2011-10-12

Have fun!

LucasOchoa (author)2011-07-19

Alright looks cool i might want to try this my self. my concern is snipers...

LucasOchoa (author)2011-07-19

what fps gun r u using

hankadopolis (author)LucasOchoa2011-07-19

I don't know, but no one i know has a CO2 gun ,so the bullets wont be going very fast

xxx 1253 (author)2011-07-08

hmmmm........ by the looks of your tape handle placement your are left handed! Correct???

Great job on the shield is it strong enough to handle close quarters paintball?

hankadopolis (author)xxx 12532011-07-19

no, I'm right handed, it was bad planning on my part, but i am trying to learn to shoot lefty. Also, the shield could probebly widthstand some amount of paint balls if they don't hit the edges of the shield,(layer 2 isn't very wide) but it would damage the shield or at least mess with the camo paint job

LucasOchoa (author)2011-07-13

6mm beebees go right through card board.. you might want to reconsider material before you go out to use it

hankadopolis (author)LucasOchoa2011-07-19

I know. that is a large reason that i made a shield composed of 3 layers of cardboard

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