Step 5: The best material ever!

Picture of the best material ever!
Now get out our duct tape. we are going to make a handle for the shield. take a piece about 6'' long and another piece about 7'' long. put the pieces together stickey side inward so that the 6'' piece is centered with the 7'' one. Place this on the back of the shield. This is the first handle. make another below it so that you can put your arm through the bottom one and grab the top one.then staple them down and put more tape on the sides like so to make sure the tape doesn't com up. You may need more tape then I used.
LucasOchoa4 years ago
Alright looks cool i might want to try this my self. my concern is snipers...
LucasOchoa4 years ago
what fps gun r u using
hankadopolis (author)  LucasOchoa4 years ago
I don't know, but no one i know has a CO2 gun ,so the bullets wont be going very fast
xxx 12534 years ago
hmmmm........ by the looks of your tape handle placement your are left handed! Correct???

Great job on the shield is it strong enough to handle close quarters paintball?
hankadopolis (author)  xxx 12534 years ago
no, I'm right handed, it was bad planning on my part, but i am trying to learn to shoot lefty. Also, the shield could probebly widthstand some amount of paint balls if they don't hit the edges of the shield,(layer 2 isn't very wide) but it would damage the shield or at least mess with the camo paint job
LucasOchoa4 years ago
6mm beebees go right through card board.. you might want to reconsider material before you go out to use it
hankadopolis (author)  LucasOchoa4 years ago
I know. that is a large reason that i made a shield composed of 3 layers of cardboard