A little brown egg in Maine: terra cotta smoker


Step 4: Top it off

Picture of Top it off
Place the grill on top of the base, then add the top pot.
The top pot will carry the thermometer. I found a solid rubber stopper for the upper hole, but I wanted to put the thermometer through it. By drilling fairly slowly and carefully, I was able to put a hole through the stopper and insert the thermometer so that it will measure about 5 cm below the top of the smoking chamber. If you drill too fast, the rubber will soften and glom up and make a mess. Go slow and be pleased. The friction fit is tight enough so that the thermometer will stay where you put it. The thermometer came with a little strip metal clip intended to hold it on the side of the candy or frying pot, but I used it to snug the thermometer and stopper up to the top pot so that the top could be lifted by grabbing the thermometer. See it, inside the top pot? That works, but adding handles will be better.
w0x0f5 years ago
You can buy rubber stoppers with holes at places that sell wine-making supplies.
srharvey5 years ago
Why not push the rubber stopper through from the inside (like / \ vs \ / from the outside) that way it can't be pulled up out of the lid when lifting it? I think the risks of smashing your pot out weight the risk of loosing your stopper into the smoker.
skidoggeruk5 years ago
How about getting a bung from a local homebrew shop? Bungs for use with airstops already have a hole in them. Would that do?
What if you got a LARGER pot for the lid? This would make it easier to grab using pot holders, so no handles needed...
79spitfire6 years ago
Putting the rubber stopper in the freezer overnight will make it easier to drill.
Nice tip on drilling the stopper!