A little brown egg in Maine: terra cotta smoker


Step 5: Just about done!

Picture of Just about done!
Well, all the pieces are in place, and we're ready to plug it in. Looks pretty spiffy.

There's just one wee problem.

There's no way to easily adjust the setting on the hot plate. Unstacking everything and letting it all cool off sounds like a real pain. So, while I took all these pictures, Phil went to the hardware store and got a 3/8 inch glass drill bit to put a hole in the base pot right at the hot plate adjustment knob. Why did I take all these pictures before we put the hole in? Because my pots were still in one piece :-)
Haha, pots still in one piece :D. I guess if they weren't, then you'd have to buy another bottom pot, and then go over budget.