A little brown egg in Maine: terra cotta smoker


Step 6: Drill a hole for the hot plate control

Picture of Drill a hole for the hot plate control
As scary as it seems, drilling into terra cotta is apparently possible. So with his new bit in the chuck, Phil took his best guess at where the hot plate control would be, and he started drilling.

The poodle is NOT inside the pot, no matter what the camera says.

Just drill slowly, work the bit around a little, and it just digs through the soft terracotta. No problem!

And when it was all put back together, the hot plate control peeked through the hole just right! It looks like the smoker has a navel!

We removed the plastic knob and the metal key strip, and added "small flat screwdriver" to the essential smoking equipment list.

Eventually we learned that this seting, a few degrees before horizontal, corresponds to a steady temperature of about 230 F.
pcorbett5 years ago
I laughed hard when I saw you drilling that pot in your lap. Please don't take this the wrong way, it was funny to me at that moment but wouldn't be funny to you if you slip..........Dig? I'm sorry but it's still funny so please be carefull. pcorbett