For all out there who want to make something special by yourself to make your valentine feel special here goes a simple easy to make letter in a bottle.

Happy St.Valentine's Day ,Enjoy !!!

Step 1: Make the outer box ready for wrapping the bottle in.

Please take craft/crepe paper and golden ribbon or bands available at your stationery stores and use design cutting scissors .

Cut the craft paper and glue it in the form of a box as per image.Glue the golden band at the bottom of the box all around.

Once dried fill the box with different colored craft paper

Cut a plastic paper (preferably transparent) or gift paper (transparent with heart designs) and keep it ready to cover the box with a silver colored ribbon .
<p>Step by Step reference pictures</p>
thanks for sharing.that was thoughtful and sweet surprise to give your valentine.what was your inspiration?
My Valentine was my inspiration :)

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