sometimes you just need the perfect excuse to finally start something that you wanted to do for a long time...
i really love animals, especially little cute ones and therefore wanted to do stuffed animals for ages, but, let's face it, although still being a kid at heart, the times of playing with stuffed animals are over for me. so now my niece just turned three, making her the perfect age to give a gift like this to for christmas.
this is why i finally gathered all my leftover fabric and ventured in the (for me) almost unknown territory of animal making.
and since one little animal is too lonely, i made a whole little zoo, complete with a cute drawstring bag as a house for the animals.

and here is how:

Step 1: What You Need

for the animals you need:

- different kinds of scrap fabric, if you are a person who sews on a regular basis, you will surely have a large supply and don't need to buy anything. just work with what you have, it dosn't matter if you'll end up making pink or grey elephants, just see that the fabric is not to thin and stretchy fabric won't work either.
- thread in matching colors
- filling material, i just bought really cheap pillows (the kind that is not even made from real fabric, they're supposed to be used with a pillow slip), i payed 3 euros for 2 pillows. the filling of these pillows is great for projects like this and it would be more expensive to buy just the filling. for all the animals, i used maybe half of one pillow.
- embroidery thread and needles and small pearls or buttons for the eyes.

for the bag for the animals you need:
- rests of fabric, you will need 2 pieces of about 30 cm x 90 cm
- about 1 m of rope (thickness of the rope and diameter of the eyelets should match!)
- eyelets and tools for the eyelets

tools: sewing machine, scissors, paper, pens...

this is not the best project for people with no sewing experience at all, some of the animals are a bit tricky to make because of tiny parts. also, if you don't have a sewing machine, you could do all the sewing by hand, which i hate, but for some of the smaller parts it might be easier.
must have forgotten the pig! now the pattern is there. <br>
Where is the pattern for the pig? For all the other animals you had a PDF or a link to a pattern. <br> <br>Thanks!
Pretty!!I think a want to be a kid then!
thank you!
This is adorable. :D

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