Hello everyone, this is my first instructable. so i'm open for comments.

in this istructable is show you how to make a mouse trap out of knex.
Imade him out of my myself!

Step 1: This Is What You Need

grap all this stuff to make my mouse trap

Step 2: Stap 1

make this

Step 3: Stap 2

also make this

Step 4: Stap 3

and ofcourse make also this.

Step 5: Stap 4 the Elastics

and also make this

Step 6: Make It Ready

okey  your done!!!

please give comments.

<p>how the hell do you set it ive been trying to interpret tthe TWO PICTURES for almost an hour</p>
je bent bat kleine zwarte dingetje vergeten uit stap 2 maar voor de rest cool hoor
you're little black bat thing forgotten in step 2 but otherwise cool horn?
that is Dutch<br>You're little black bat thing visitors forget step 2 BUT for the rest cool hearing
I modified this a LOT and now it works brilliantly; it has loads of power and is very sturdy. Initially I changed it because I didn't understand how to load it, so I changed the way It loads. When I had done that it kept exploding under the pressure of the rubber bands, so I made It more sturdy. Thanks for the initial base trap though! =D
cool contraption it works awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I respect y'all and everything, but, this is one of the most error filled knex creations I have built. I don't mean to sound rude, but it had so many problems it isn't funny. I built it identical to the way you did but when I attempted to stretch the elastics across the trap it literally just exploded, it flew apart in every direction. It could have worked if you had made the frame sturdier. When I was finally able to put the elastics onto the trap, it snapped shut even if I held it open. The elastics also snapped. The trap without elastics would collapse if I moved it. I am ranting on but everything mentioned above could possibly become fatal if not corrected.<br><br>Y'all represented with the bear trap which is flawless, 5.0/5.0. However this is too far.<br><br>My rating -------------------&gt; 1.5/5.0
mouse are cute i'm not gonna kill em
I added another trap on the others side so it kinda of workked like a bear trap but it was too much of a fail. Possibly find a way to and more strength to it because when it releises it goes pretty slow =D
I will work on it!!!<br><br><br>maybe if you like it I can work on a bear trap.<br>If you want so just say it. XD
Sure a bear trap would be cool ive looked them up on here but i dont have that many bendy sticks so i couldn't build it
I am gonna work at it<br><br>(with less bendy sticks)
yay!!!! oh g2g bye!
oh and have you ever tried making the guns? i've made a few (most fails) but kinda good so i guess you're smarter then me at this so....yah!XD
spank you very much!!!!!<br />
What a lovely Knex death trap you have there.<br />
really cool I like it. It's a little weak or maybe its just mine but nice creation!!!
tanks<br />
The trap looks rally good, but you need to fix up your grammer.
Yeah, but that's spelling, no one cares about spaeleing.
<p>Uh...<em><strong>grammar </strong></em>not grammer.</p>
LOL, Didn't see that.
Haha. Ok.
I like the new avatar!
Thanks, I made it myself. :-)
<span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);" title="sorry daarvoor, ik ben nog niet zo heel goed in engels want ik kom uit nederland">sorry for this, I'm not very good in english because I'm from Netherlands</span></span>
Mice quite like chocolate.<br /> <br /> L<br />
they also love peanut butter <br />
Oh yes, even better thanks for reminding me. My dad shot (and killed) a rat this week...<br /> <br /> L<br />
Why do you need to shoot a rat, when you could just bring my cat?<br /> <br /> (he once caught a 17 inch rat with the tail!)
I guess the cats aren't that good around there...<br /> <br /> L<br />
your welcome<br />
Does this actually work???<br /> <br /> If so awesome.<br />
no sorry for that, it is not powerfull <span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);" title="genoeg">enough</span></span>
ohhh ok.<br />
nice idea! 5*
&nbsp;must build........5*
cool, this is a good idea 4*<br />
Does it kill mice like real ones, or does it just catch them?&nbsp;&nbsp;Either way, pretty cool, 4.5*<br />

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