Introduction: A Quick Video Showing My Latest Usb Charger

in this video you will see my latest usb portable charger. it is complete overkill, the solar outputs 25 volts regulated to 5 to charge anything usb, it can also recharge the double a batteries i use with a flick of a switch. there are two battery options, either two or one 9volt batteries or the 4 double a batteries. there is a SPDT switch that allows you to choose either the solar or a battery source, without accidentaly choosing both. so in short you can charge any usb device using solar power or battery power. you can recharge the double a batteries or pass the chagre to the usb device! the case i used is also water proof and durable as it can be. 


ellisk63 (author)2016-04-06

The video no longer exists :(

everett1 (author)2013-11-17

Hey can u make an actual instructable and show u how o make this because it is what ive been looking for

Roaraar (author)2013-04-26

So you have all your solar panels in series to get 25V?
If so, you should change it to parallel, as voltage regulators (like your 5v one) are a lot more efficient when the input voltage is closer to the output voltage. Just as long as it doesn't go below maybe 6 or 7 volts

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