Introduction: A Simple Current Amplifier

a amplifier of current . when we touch the wires it glows but without the circuit it will not glow can make it on a pref board or without it i am making it with a pref board.

Step 1: Things Required

things required-
1] 560 ohm resistor
2] NPN transisor
3] led
4]9v battery
5] battery snap

Step 2: The LED

you can use a diffused led if you want much of a glow . if you want a beam of light use a water clear type.

Step 3: The Circuit Digram

solder the circuit with the circuit digram.

Step 4: All Done!!!

you have made your current amplifier.
touch the both touch wires and the led glows brightly
without the circuit it will be very dim.

Step 5: Update

solder a 100k resistor between the base of the transistor and the touch pad


vina1991 made it!(author)2015-12-01

its a current amplifier?

Aabhishek+Sharma made it!(author)2016-08-16

Absolutely no. He has made a touch sensor . The transistors amplify the current at that much extent that the small current signal passes through our body to complete the circuit..
Thank you

MechackM made it!(author)2015-11-17

I want to amplify current from as low as 21ma to 750ma using a 5volt battery. Please assist me

ReallyMoanViolin made it!(author)2014-10-28

This is the current amplifier?? this is only a switch transistor.

Gernerakos made it!(author)2013-02-09

Is any PNP transistors work with it? I'm using a bd 241c.

samalert made it!(author)2012-12-05

I tried making music sync LEd but the strip am using dont blink with great intensity they get max of 5v where they need 12v

Now what i need is your circuitry to amplify the current.

Can you please let me know if i can use yours to get max of 12v also what type of transistor or resistor to use to safeguard my LED strip and not burn my CAR

Pranavthegreat made it!(author)2012-06-03

what is the value of the transistor

robot1398 made it!(author)2012-06-04

any npn transistor will do I uses bc547

Rockser11 made it!(author)2011-04-30

thanks, im building an ipod base out of a coke can and this will be very helpful

simmer65 made it!(author)2011-03-07

Be prepared to burn up your transistor if you try this circuit. My NPN transistors have a max Base-Emitter voltage (Vbe) of 6 volts. This circuit will send way too much current through the base.

If you want the LED to glow, remove the transistor and reduce the resistor. You will get about a 2v drop across the LED and 7v across the battery. To achieve a 50mA current (the brightness of an LED is determined by the current through it), use the equation V=IR or 7 = .05 * R......R=140 ohms.

zazenergy made it!(author)2011-03-07

This is a good, simple experiment for an electronics enthusiast. Thanks for sharing!

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