A Simple Ipod Sock Mod!





Introduction: A Simple Ipod Sock Mod!

...add a couple of buttons to an ipod sock & keep that damn earbuds cord in place!

Step 1: Sew 2 Buttons on to an Ipod Sock

Step 2: & Just Wrap the Cord Around the Buttons...ta-da!



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    u bought the covering my sister has one just like that except without the buttons

    this could work for regular cellphone cases/socks as well! :) or on a handbag/backpack :)

    am going to stitch buttons to everything i own now

    Brilliant! Thanks for posting! I'm going to try this out later!x

    Cool! the cutest I've seen so far! :>

    it's nice chep

    HEY! iPods don't suck! I've got a 60 GB Video and it ROCKS! Do you guys have one? Don't ditch it before you try it.

    I tried it. And I ditched it. Go with the Creative Zen they're prettier and cheaper, and there's a good alternative for each iPod. Check it out:

    Shuffle = zen stone/stone plus (half the price--and the stone plus has a screen.)
    Nano = v/v plus (that's the one I have. I think it's about $30 cheaper. *Note* the zen V plus can do video, pictures, and fm radio, and it's still cheaper.)
    Video/photo = vision M, W, etc.