Picture of a simple ipod sock mod!
...add a couple of buttons to an ipod sock & keep that damn earbuds cord in place!

Step 1: Sew 2 buttons on to an ipod sock

Picture of sew 2 buttons on to an ipod sock

zwells4 years ago
u bought the covering my sister has one just like that except without the buttons
chaitanyak4 years ago
this could work for regular cellphone cases/socks as well! :) or on a handbag/backpack :)

am going to stitch buttons to everything i own now
Neon Panda4 years ago
Brilliant! Thanks for posting! I'm going to try this out later!x
pa3xxiah5 years ago
Cool! the cutest I've seen so far! :>
rkking5 years ago
it's nice chep
raikut6 years ago
but i guess the life of the earphone will not last long, due to twisting and turning.
bcmummy6 years ago
I just love tutorials like this - it's not complicated at all, it's something that's actually needed, and most of all, it's cheap! Thanks for your instructable... I'll have to remember this if I ever get an iPod sock!
Siebe7 years ago
Cool, i hope this works with my homemade iSock too. :)
rose_red8 years ago
it's a bit late but i think it's just a bit ironic that theres an iPod commercial on my screen right now. and the zenmp3 is more practical but i still love my iPod.
rledesma9 years ago
Simple and effective. (screw shamone)
Awesome. Simple and effective.