A Simple Knex Grenade

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Introduction: A Simple Knex Grenade

a grenade i made :p :o :)

Step 1: The Parts List

the LIST

Step 2: Staep 1

make this...

Step 3: Almost Done!

connect it with the snowflakes! the KNEX snowflake...

Step 4: The Filling

now fill it up!

Step 5: And Your Done

now just cover it up with the yellow and red thing and your done!

Step 6: How to Throw

to throw it throw it hard on any surface or just drop it with a little force and it goes everywere!



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5/5 :) enough said

way do you have some flipped in step 1???

there all the same just flipped...

AWESOME!! Strong enough to resist early breaking, yet weak enough to detonate when you want it to! Someone has to make a launcher for these!!

actually i am srry 4 the ultimastely late reply

attack it with an knex gun or throw one in the air and let another one collide with it

cool granade

Really Good! But, the little things inside dont really go anywhere. It is mainly the bigger peices that fly around. Otherwise though, GREAT!