A Simple Pc Cooler (no Fan)


Introduction: A Simple Pc Cooler (no Fan)

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hear is how you can make a simple pc cooler

you will nead :

4 Bottle caps
hot glue
board size of your laptop

That is realy it

Step 1: Put Them to the Lap Top

Step 2: Lap Version

compleat all the steps and glue a board a  the caps  and      you are done



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    Good idea I will give it a try.

    They could fit under many things, good idea.

    Even without extra feet, this is a good idea. The extra feet would definitely improve circulation.

    So often I've been called in to check out an over-heating laptop to see that the person uses it on the bed!

    First question: Is there a chopping board in the kitchen? Yes? Use that! That's $80 for the call out, thank you.

    i would suggest cutting slits into the board to let air circulate

    I see people are now copying me now

    Cool tip! Works quite well for me as I used it!

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    Thank you This is my first instructable Did you use the board under your laptop
    because that makes a cooler for your lap to ?