A Simple Pen Tube Shooter


Introduction: A Simple Pen Tube Shooter

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the begining of a simple pen shooter

Step 1: Tapeing Your Clamp

first take your clamp and your tape and tape your clamp at the end of the pencil nice and securely

Step 2: Tapeing Your Tube for Accuracy

take your Bic-pen tube and tape it onto your pencil about a inch away from the other end of the pencil
{not the end where the clamp is}

Step 3: Tapeing Your Rubberband on

take your rubber band and tape it in front of the bic pen grip on the very tip of the pencil.

Step 4: Finished [showing How to Load and Fire]

take your pen tube and put it through the pen grip and make sure the rubber band is on the back of it and then twist the pen so each side of the clamp is on the rubber band then when you want to fire just push the clamp up and it fires.



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    This is called a Zip Gun. The NSA is probably watching your house now. Nice i'ble.