A Simple Utilitarian Mop




Introduction: A Simple Utilitarian Mop

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. a rag
2. a piece of string
3. a length of pipe (i used on this particular one brass because it wont rust)
4. a pair of scissors or a knife
optional: a pipe cap.

Step 2: Assembly Starts

first take your rag and twist it like u would if u where wringing it out. then place the bit of string looped around the center.

Step 3: ......

now take both ends of the string and feed them through the pipe.

Step 4: ......

now give the 2 ends a good pull and draw the rag up into the pipe tightly. leav a small amount of room rear the end of the pipe so u can coil the string down into the pipe before putting the pipe cap on if your using one, this will be usefull later if your comes aloose. 

Step 5: Finishing Up

now trim the rag according to your needs and coil the string up like i mentioned before and screw the cap on



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