this is going to show you how to make a trigger for the mp5. enjoy. heres a link of Flie-Ing GOOse mp5. https://www.instructables.com/id/EVDB5WYF35G4YEX/

Step 1: Well You Are Starting

make it look like this by taking some parts of

Step 2: Well You Made It to Step 2

1. you are making the trigger

2. another view

Step 3: Well This Is Adding the Trigger and Showing You How to Make a Better Ram

1.adding trigger

2.another view of trigger

3.making better ram

4.make every thing look like this and insert the ram then pull back the ram with the grean rod and then pull trigger then u have one of the greatest guns
one thing, the second pic is not a mp5..
this is a mp5
and all its variants
wrong, only two are a MP5, the orther ones are: MP5K, MP5/silenced/folding stock, MP5/silenced/no stock, MP5K/folding stock...
i know but i ment to say this is the mp5 family
thats right :P
i know
i know its just a cool gun that i was advertizing
when ive made this ill make the front bit better, where u place ur left hand
yeah good idea
thx nice trigger
it was easy to do thx :)
ha tommy gun coming soon!
what guns the otehro ne?
jayme this is preet kool :}
trigger for Flie-Ing GOOse made it i made a trigger
preety kool..
jayme look at the new magnum thing the pics will be there
jayme i made a trigger it works pretty good.i tried posting a pic but it did not work
Huh wierd did you go in a comment then press add images / files then go to brows then find the picture of it then press open then press upload images then do post comment then it should work
now all it needs is a green rod mag :)
yeah it does
can someone help me with a trigger for my sniper cannon?
put a pic on instructables and i will see if it will be easy
this was my idea on the trigger too,its in a comment on the actual mp5 instructable,and can you think you can make a trigger for my m4 cause i dont have one,ill give all the trigger credits to you.
i made one
yes but it is not done.
whats not done
bobbyk881's trigger instructable for my m4,but your pretty good with triggers.
my bro will do the trigger after we go on our trip we will be home on sunday
where you goin
just camping but im back
all be glad to help you with the m4
well i will make my bro do it he makes better triggers
im made a new knex sniper cannon.the only thing is i have to make a trigger.the gun shoots about 60 feet with 4 rubber bands.to find out how long it shot i pulled the bullet back and just let go.
hiya every1, just 2 let u know, this is my gun, jayme has just posted a trigger, but well dun jayme
hey thx :)
p.s, on this gun, the trigger guard is not on, go to the proper mp5 12 see wht i mean
Its actually "Geese" Also, if you're going to write an knex gun instructable, at least use capitalization and detail.
The persons name of the original gun of this is Flieing-Goose not geese i think he adeed and s on accident
woops yeah i didnt see that s lol and the name is speld wrong because i could not remember his name.
well sooory mister im only 10 and im not good with that stuff
yep spread the word that the new trigger is on
nice 1stcomment

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