A Trigger for Flie-Ing GOOse Mp5.

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Introduction: A Trigger for Flie-Ing GOOse Mp5.

this is going to show you how to make a trigger for the mp5. enjoy. heres a link of Flie-Ing GOOse mp5. https://www.instructables.com/id/EVDB5WYF35G4YEX/

Step 1: Well You Are Starting

make it look like this by taking some parts of

Step 2: Well You Made It to Step 2

1. you are making the trigger

2. another view

Step 3: Well This Is Adding the Trigger and Showing You How to Make a Better Ram

1.adding trigger

2.another view of trigger

3.making better ram

4.make every thing look like this and insert the ram then pull back the ram with the grean rod and then pull trigger then u have one of the greatest guns



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    one thing, the second pic is not a mp5..

    wrong, only two are a MP5, the orther ones are: MP5K, MP5/silenced/folding stock, MP5/silenced/no stock, MP5K/folding stock...

    i know but i ment to say this is the mp5 family

    i know

    i know its just a cool gun that i was advertizing

    when ive made this ill make the front bit better, where u place ur left hand

    yeah good idea