A Very Good, Very Easy Paper Airplane.





Introduction: A Very Good, Very Easy Paper Airplane.

this plane is very good and very easy

Step 1: What You Need

all you need for this plane is a piece of rectangle paper

Step 2: First Step

fold it in half width wise then open back up

Step 3: Second Step

now take the top corners and fold to the crease line

Step 4: Third Step

the picture explains it

Step 5: Fourth Step

unfold the last fold take the corner out so it looks like this on both sides

Step 6: Fifth Step

now take both corners and fold it so it looks like this

Step 7: Sixth Step

now fold the tip down to the "x" so it looks like this

Step 8: Seventh Step

now fold the flaps over so it looks like this

Step 9: 8th Step

now fold it in half so it looks like this

Step 10: Last Step

now make the wings. the plane in the picture is upside down. this plane is a very good glider and if you add a paperclip to the nose it is a very good distance flier



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I think I epic failed the nose flap part...

i might have screwed this up...was so heavy in the end.

This thing... wooooow ok honestly this one stinks.

Cool! It flew better then my previous paper airplanes!!!!

nice! this thing flies really well! thanks