its a useful devise to help you concor the high trees (its only takes about 5 minutes)

Step 1: What You Need

what you are going to need is

*two windshield wipers(i used size 22 but you can use any)
*duct tape (preferably orange)

Step 2: Step One

duct tape about 3-5 inches of both sides of the wiper

Step 3: Step 2

then stretch the rubber side from the plastic side

Step 4: Step Three

duct tape the plastic side aas much as you want ( this is the side you will hold on to while your climbing trees)

Step 5: The Product

then your set...so go clim a tree or defend yourself from ninjas

oh yeah and make anouther one
ya, how in the world is this supposed to help with climbing trees???<br>
ok after we did this we put a metal rod inside of it......and it helped us climb trees where the first branch was over our heads
"Defend yourself from ninjas" Until they hit you in the back with a poisoned shuriken and then laugh when your eyes roll back in your head, you foam at the mouth, your body goes into convulsions, and you rip out your own hair. Oh yes you silly little pirate that will happen.
And you will piss yourself.
how might one use this to <strong>conquer</strong> a tree?<br/>
I'll have to agree with lemonie how would they improve off human hands.? I see them only getting in my way and falling to my death
This supports your weight? What is the advantage over using your hands (alone)? L
How does one use this? I don't have to defend myself against ninjas but i may want to <strong>climb</strong> a tree.<br/>
1) Spell check (or simply learn to spell) 2) It would help to describe how these are to be used.

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